Garrett County Gives

To enhance the quality of life for babies and caregivers during the road to recovery. The fear of a hospitalized mother becoming separated from her infant baby because of medical necessity looms in the back of every expecting mother’s mind. Modern technology can help ease this fear.

The program receives a Proclamation from the Garrett County Commissioners.


Garrett County Gives is fortunate to have 8 non-profit groups showing the world just how giving Garrett County, Maryland is!  Each non-profit has an athlete assigned to help promote their cause.  Ours is Ashley Nee!  Ashley is a US Olympic athlete competing in the Olympic trials being held at ASCI, September 2014.

The bandannas are unique to each non-profit by color and athlete’s signature.  Brenda’s Bodyshop has created a “bandanna dance” as their annual fundraiser.  The dance students are selling each of the bandannas for the non-profits.    The bandannas are available for sale at numerous locations.  Broken Road Associates has HOT PINK bandannas available at Brenda’s Bodyshop, Marvin’s Men’s Wear, The Crow’s Nest, Mane Attraction, Totally Teasing, Midway Liquors and below, right here on our website!

Purchase a Broken Road Associates Bandanna to Support Garrett County Gives

For only $7.00, you can have your very own Broken Road Associates bandanna and support the Garrett County Gives cause.  Fill out the form below to purchase yours and pay through PayPal today!

Bandannas can also be purchased from Marvin’s Mens Wear, Mane Attraction (Aimee Friend), Totally Teazin (Ashley Gregg), The Crow’s Nest (Jessica Welch), and Brenda’s Body Shop.

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